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Auction Terms & Conditions
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Auction Terms & Conditions
  • Each person attending the auction must register in the office at least 15-minutes prior to start time.  Anyone arriving after the scheduled start time will not be permitted to attend the auction.

  • All units are sold in bulk "as is".  Everyone will have a short time to view the unit but cannot enter or touch any contents within.

  • Everyone on the property must be at least 18-years of age (no infants or children allowed).

  • Auctions are cash only.  If bidding, you must have enough cash on your person to pay the amount of the bid, plus a 10% buyer's premium and state sales tax (unless a reseller certificate is provided).  A $100 cash security deposit is also required per unit purchased and will be refunded once the contents are cleaned out and the unit is inspected. 

  • Once a unit is purchased, buyer must immediately place a lock on the unit.  Locks can be purchased ahead of time in the office. 

  • Buyer will have 24-hours to empty the contents.  If additional time is required, the unit can be rented.

  • Buyer is asked to return any legal documents or personal affects found in the unit to the office within 5-days.

  • There is no smoking on the property.  No videotaping or cameras allowed. 

  • All bidders agree to hold harmless and indemnify the storage company, the auctioneer and auction company of any and all claims.

  • The storage company or the auctioneer reserves the right to remove any buyer from the premises at its discretion.